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Trusted Respite Care Provider in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Caring for your elderly loved one is important to you, but it can be a challenge. Sometimes you need a moment away to rest and regroup. At Preferred Assisted Living & Respite Care, we provide Albuquerque residents with safe, secure and experienced respite care services.

Respite Care You Can Trust

Whether you’ll be gone for a few hours or a month, you want to know your loved one is safe, secure and well-cared-for. Respite care from Preferred Assisted Living & Respite Care is an option that will give you piece-of-mind while you’re away.

Your elderly loved one can receive care at our facilities or in-home. Our respite care services include:

  • Care
  • Diet management
  • Food preparation
  • Assistance with hygiene
  • Assistance with dressing
  • Assistance with daily chores
  • Companionship and entertainment
  • Mental awareness stimulation
  • Escort to appointments and on errands
  • Medication management

Before any respite care services, we will come to your loved one’s place of residents to get to know them. We will also do a thorough evaluation to ensure your love one’s needs will be met.

You are also welcome to do a facility and performance evaluation to make sure our facilities meet your needs and your standards.

Caretakers You Can Rely On

Our respite care providers are certified and experienced in caring for the elderly. This includes specialized care for residents suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Along with care services, they will also provide companionship.

Contact Preferred Assisted Living & Respite Care for Trusted Respite Care!

Whenever you need time away, you can rest assured your loved one will be in the best of hands. Contact us today to find out more about our respite care services and to make an appointment for a facility evaluation!

Call Preferred Assisted Living & Respite Care at 505-796-4510 for peace-of-mind when you have to be away!

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