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Respite Care Programs by Preferred Assisted Living

Preferred Assisted Living and Respite Care

Providing care for a loved one can be a rewarding experience, but it can also take a toll on family caretakers who rarely get a break. When family caretakers need a well-deserved break, respite care is there.

So, what is respite care?

Respite care is short term care for individuals who are being cared for by a family member in their own home. It is a way for family caregivers to get the break they desperately need with the peace-of-mind that their loved one is in good hands.

At Preferred Assisted Living and Respite Care, we offer respite care services to assist family caregivers. Before we begin service, we will conduct a thorough respite care evaluation to determine what your loved one’s needs are so that we can provide the level of care they need in a way that doesn’t take away their independence. Our respite care evaluations are conducted in your home (or your loved one’s home). During these evaluations, we take the time to sit down with your elderly loved one and get to know him or her.

Whether you’ll be gone for a month or just need a day off, Preferred Assisted Living and Respite Care can provide you with the assistance you need. We strive to form trusted partnerships with families so that your loved one receives the best possible care—while you’re there and while you’re away.

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