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Pet Pals for the Elderly

“The Love that Cures”

Pets for the Elderly“If this were a drug, it would be marketed tomorrow,” says Roger Lavelle, Vet, MB, a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne’s Veterinary Clinic Center.  Dr. LaVelle isn’t talking about the latest in high technical surgical procedures, he’s referring to a study that may add to medicine’s dazzling repertoire of tools something undecidedly low tech – even, shall we say, warm and fuzzy.

LaVelle is talking about pets. The study makes sensational claims for pets. The results are the strongest evidence yet of a connection between animals and human health – one that has been puzzling scientists for more than a decade. Pet owners have significantly reduced levels of known risk factors for cardiovascular disease, pet ownership has helped not only the socially isolated, but everyone.

At Preferred Assisted Living we strive to ensure our residents  are happy and have social interaction.  In addition to planned activities, it is a common sight at  our homes to see a dog curled up on the lap of one of our residents, or a bird perched on someone’s shoulder.  We believe the addition of these pets to our homes, is a welcomed and necessary one.

Pets for Elderly Dog
Cat in Nursing Home

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