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Hospice Care – Health Services Facility

Preferred Assisted Living and Respite Care

Hospice is a concept of care designed around meeting an individual’s end-of-life need for comfort and support. Service is provided to those individuals who face a life-threatening illness. Hospice care is a great support to family and patients and we are proud to accommodate such service in each of our assisted living facilities.

The Care you Need in the Comfort of Home Type Environment

As part of our commitment to aging in place, Preferred Assisted Living and Respite Care partners with local hospice companies throughout New Mexico so that our residents can receive the end-of-life care they need in a familiar, comfortable, home-like environment.

Arranging Hospice Care

When your loved one’s needs change and hospice care is needed, you may wonder how to arrange hospice care for elderly individuals. At Preferred Assisted Living and Respite Care, we take care of all the details for you. If you need hospice care in our assisted living homes, we work with all hospice companies in New Mexico to better the life of the person when they need that type of care.

Seamless Care

As you begin working with a hospice organization, we will be there to support you every step of the way. We provide personal hospice care advice and aid families through the process of choosing a hospice organization. Since we have an established relationship with many hospice organizations throughout the state, we are able to help your loved one transition with seamless care.

If you are looking for a health services facility for hospice, or would like to know how to arrange hospice care for elderly loved ones, contact Preferred Assisted Living and Respite Care.

Call 505-796-4510 for information on hospice care and to learn more about Preferred Assisted Living and Respite Care.

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