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Continuing to Care for Your Elderly Loved One in Albuquerque, NM

At Preferred Assisted Living & Respite Care, we provide experienced and compassionate assisted living services. But just because your loved one is in one of our New Mexico assisted living facilities.

Be a Part of Their Life

There are many ways to remain in the life of your elderly loved one, even though you may not be the primary caregiver:

  • Stay Involved in Their CareEven if you aren’t a primary caregiver, there are many benefits to being involved in your loved one’s care. You will always know the status of their health and have a strong voice in their care.
  • Get to Know the Caregiving StaffAs professional elderly, dementia and Alzheimer’s caregivers, we understand how complicated a caregiving can be. We work closely with you to come up with the best care plan so you know your elderly loved one is well-cared-for.
  • Stay in Their LivesStaying in your loved one’s life doesn’t mean you have to be a full-time elderly, dementia or Alzheimer’s caregiver. You can visit often, read a book or magazine together, go out to eat, talk about old times, or any number of activities that give you time together.

Staying involved in their care and remaining in their life will help show your elderly loved one that they have your love and support.

Family Welcome

At Preferred Assisted Living & Respite Care, we encourage the family of all of our residents to remain an important part of their lives. From family days to holiday fun and games, we provide a number of chances to bring the whole family together!

Contact us to learn about more ways you can be involved in the life and care of your elderly loved one.

Call Preferred Assisted Living & Respite Care at 505-796-4510 to find out more about the benefits of a certified caregiver for you elderly loved one in Albuquerque.

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