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Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

At Preferred Assisted Living and Respite Care, we offer services for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients who seek to obtain the assistance they need in a warm, home-like environment. Enabling people to safely age in place with dignity and respect is our top priority.

Those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s need specialized care from understanding caregivers. At Preferred Assisted Living and Respite Care, we understand the specialized needs of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients and have designed our homes and trained our staff with these needs in mind.


Preferred Assisted Living and Respite Care offers a secure home-like environment for people with memory impairments who are no longer able to care for themselves. Our secure homes are designed with the safety and security of each resident in mind. All of our exits are secured to prevent wandering, but still allow family and friends to visit with ease at any time.


Dementia and Alzheimer’s residents are made to feel right at home in our comfortable, home-like settings. We understand that patients with memory problems often find change difficult. That’s why we maintain a consistent routine, but still remain flexible to accommodate the needs of any given resident on any particular day. Additionally, there is comfort in knowing that residents receive care from caregivers who regularly spend time caring for them.


All of our caregivers must undergo rigorous training before being permitted to provide care for our dementia and Alzheimer’s residents. We also require our caregivers to participate in monthly in-services—which exceeds the training required by the state. While there are many care facilities that say they do training, what sets us apart is that our caregivers cannot continue to work without completing on-going training in understanding dementia, Alzheimer’s and medications.

Personalized Care

Since our assisted living homes are smaller than most, we are able to provide a level of personalized care that simply cannot be matched at larger facilities. Our caregivers come to know and care for our residents; this allows us to better understand and anticipate the mood changes that often accompany those who suffer from Alzheimer’s. When residents are having trouble, our caregivers are skilled at redirection.

Whether you need Alzheimer’s caregiver support or around-the-clock care for your loved one, you can count on Preferred Assisted Living and Respite Care to provide your loved one with the compassionate care he or she needs and deserves.

If you are weighing the benefits of assisted living for Alzheimer’s, give us a call to learn more about our specialized care program.

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